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Antenatal Pilates prepares the body for labour and its impact on pelvic floor integrity. Aimed at keeping the body moving for as long as possible throughout the pregnancy. Promotes mobility, strength, stamina and coordination, and offers vital pelvic floor strength and release work, as well as breathing techniques to prepare the body for labour. Amanda Carey Pilates.


Yoga can help women get through pregnancy with minimal discomfort. There are many physical benefits including increased muscle tone to help support your body during labour, better posture helping relieve lower back pain, boosts circulation and reduces swelling, increased flexibility enabling the body to adapt to various positions helping reduce labour pain. Yoga also helps you acknowledge and connect with your baby during pregnancy. Bliss Yoga with Jessica McKenna.

Antenatal Aqua Yoga

Aqua natal yoga is a wonderful way to prepare for the birth of your baby combining the benefits of both yoga and swimming. Aqua natal yoga provides a safe and gentle way to keep fit during your pregnancy as well as providing relaxation. As pregnancy develops it can be difficult to perform certain yoga poses, but in the water it is made possible to lie on the front or back to achieve certain stretches. Aqua yoga for pregnancy classes also involve breathing techniques that can help with both the emotional and physical side of labour. Birthlight ante natal aqua yoga with Michelle Busuttil.

Something Different

Norwich Baby Garden is a relaxed, friendly, informal drop-in group, based in central Norwich. They meet weekly, with a different focus each week, for chat, advice and support, as well as sharing wholesome veggie snacks, laughter and a good cup of tea! Everyone is welcome – whether your baby is still a bump, a baby or a toddler. Older siblings, fathers and other family members are also welcome.


Babyland Norwich is an independent baby store in Norwich. Their experienced staff will help you choose the ideal nursery items for you and your little ones.

Place to meet

Cherryleaf Coffee House is everything a good coffee house should be – relaxed and welcoming with an impressive selection of freshly ground coffees, a huge selection of teas and soft drinks, and delicious food that is homemade and seasonal.