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About Me

My baby was 12 weeks old when I first took him swimming. He really enjoyed the experience and so I’ve continued to take him swimming weekly and his love of swimming inspired me to become involved in this area of photography.

I love to capture the fun and enjoyment that the babies have whilst swimming with their Mum or Dad and to see the parent’s faces when I present them with their final image.

Under Water PortraitsUnder Water PortraitsUnder Water Portraits


I take photographs for both small and large independent swimming schools. For these sessions I photograph the babies during their regular swimming lesson, in a pool that they are accustomed too and with a teacher they already know and trust. Being able to document the lesson means that they are never in a forced situation and so therefore there are no forced images. My aim is to present each parent with an A4 printed and mounted montage image which encapsulates their baby’s entire swimming lesson, with approximately 6-8 images. The images will include both above and below water.Under Water Portrait

If you are a member of a swim group or school that doesn’t provide photography shoots as part of their setup, or what’s on offer to you is too expensive, then don’t worry as I also photograph individual private groups. For this the parents hire a private pool and I photograph their time in the pool, as they wish. Each of these sessions and the requirements are always different as is the type of photographs that the parents want as a final image, so for the private sessions a pre shoot consultation is usually a good idea prior to the swim.

If you are looking to hire a pool for your photography shoot please see my links page for recommended pools and contact details.

My Equipment

I come with a basic setup of me, my camera and some on board lights, as I am aware that big lights and lots of equipment can be daunting and scary to some small babies. This also enables me to keep my prices very affordable.

Contact Me

To arrange a photography session for your swim school, a private photography swimming session, or to discuss prices please contact me at amy@underwaterportraitsbyamy.co.uk or on 07770633476

Under Water PortraitsUnder Water PortraitsUnder Water Portraits