Newborn Portraits Information

The arrival of your baby into your lives is one of the greatest things. It should be cherished, embraced and treated as a very special event, everything about this stage is worth remembering.

The photograph session will be peaceful, informal and will have a laid back approach. There will be plenty of time for breaks, cuddles, feeding and changing.

Newborn PortraitsNewborn PortraitsNewborn Portraits

Where & When?

The session takes place in your home so anything you might need is readily available and your baby is already familiar with their surroundings.

The best time is within the first 10 days, as newborn babies will retain their natural curled up shape that they had in the womb and this can capture some once in a lifetime images, also it's when babies sleep a lot, allowing me to pose them slightly easier. There is no time limit on the photography session, we will just take as long as we need.

What Should Baby Wear?

Make sure the house is warm, because at times your baby will be being photographed in just a nappy. White baby grows are good for baby to wear.

No props are needed, but if you have an item of special meaning we can have fun incorporating this into a picture!

The Shoot

I have a mobile studio set up and the photography shoot takes place at your home (all that's needed is some floor space and a plug socket) or if desired on location (at a favourite outdoor venue, be it your garden, favourite park or picnic field). Thus giving your photos a unique and personal feel. The shots are very comfortable, laid back and will be created to suit you.

How It Works

It is essential that you feel comfortable with me as your photographer, so before the photography shoot I will come and meet you at your home and discuss any ideas you may have for specific shots, chat about what clothes or accessories you might like to wear and any concerns you may have. (Any blemishes or marks can be digitally removed if required!)

If you are happy we will make a date for the photography shoot. There is no limit on the amount of time spent taking your photographs, so you can be relaxed and take breaks if needed.

After the photography session I will send you your disc of high resolution printable images for you to do with them as you please.

Payment will be taken after the photography shoot. I offer a money back guarantee if you are not happy with your photographs.